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Environmental Code of Practice for Metal Mines

Additional Resources

Note: When available, Internet links to the resources below have been provided. These links were active as of the date of publication of the Code.

Government of Canada

Environment Canada

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Natural Resources Canada

NOTE: See also the separate listing below for publications of the Mine Environmental Neutral Drainage (MEND) Program

Health Canada

  • The Canadian Handbook on Health Impact Assessment, Volume 4: Health Impacts by Industry Sector. Health Canada. 2004.

Laws and Regulations

Provincial, Territorial and Municipal Governments


British Columbia





New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


Northwest Territories

City of Calgary

Australia -- Federal, State, and Territorial Governments

United States -- Federal and State Governments

European Commission

United Nations

  • APELL for Mining: Guidance for the Mining Industry in Raising Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level. United Nations Environment Programme. 2001.

  • Guidelines for Mining and Sustainable Development (Berlin II). United Nations. 2002.

  • Joint Conference on Environmental Literacy in Minerals Education - Final Report. United Nations Environment Programme. 1999.

  • Mining and Sustainable Development II: Challenges and Perspectives (PDF Format, 4.61 MB). United Nations Environment Programme. 2000.

  • Public Involvement: Guidelines for Natural Resource Development Projects. United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. 1997.

  • Tailings Dams: Risk of Dangerous Occurrences -- Lessons Learnt from Practical Experiences (PDF Format, 1.14 MB). United Nations Environment Programme. 2001.

World Health Organization

Other Government Publications

  • Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in the Arctic (, PDF Format, 1.36 MB). Finnish Ministry of the Environment. 1997.

  • Mine-water Management. Pages 157-167 in Knowledge Review 2001/02. South Africa Water Resource Commission. 2002.


Mining Association of Canada

Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada

Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia

  • Mineral Exploration, Mining and Aboriginal Community Engagement: A Guidebook. Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia. 2005.

International Council on Mining and Metals

Industry - Other

  • Breaking New Ground - The Report of the Mining, Minerals, and Sustainable Development Project. International Institute for Environment and Development and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. 2002.

  • Code of Practice for Exploration in Environmentally Sensitive Areas. The Chamber of Mines and Energy of Western Australia Inc. 1995.

  • Public Participation Guidelines for Stakeholders in the Mining Industry. Consultative Forum on Mining and the Environment and the Chamber of Mines of South Africa. 2002.

  • South African Guideline on Cyanide Management for Gold Mining. Chamber of Mines of South Africa. 2001. (, PDF Format, 1.26 MB)

  • Syntheses of Best Practices Road Salt Management - 8.0 Snow Storage and Disposal (PDF Format, 611 KB). Transportation Association of Canada. 2003.

Other Organizations and Publications

International Cyanide Management Institute

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Canadian Dam Association

NOTE: The following document outlines the principles of the Dam Safety Guidelines. Detailed documentation is available for purchase from the Canadian Dam Association

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD)

NOTE: The International Commission on Large Dams has a large number of technical publications related to all aspects of dam design, construction, operation, monitoring and maintenance, including those listed below. These documents are available for purchase at

  • Risk Assessment in Dam Safety Management. A reconnaissance of Benefits. Methods and Current Applications. 2005.

  • Tailings Dams Risk of Dangerous Occurrences - Lessons Learnt from Practical Experiences. 2001.

  • A Guide to Tailings Dams and Impoundments - Design, Construction, Use and Rehabilitation. 1996.

  • Dams and Related Structures in Cold Climate - Design Guidelines and Case Studies. 1996.

  • Monitoring of Tailings Dams - Review and Recommendations. 1996.

  • Tailings Dams and Environment - Review and Recommendations. 1996.

  • Tailings Dams. Transport. Placement. Decantation - Review and Recommendations. 1995.

  • Tailings Dams and Seismicity - Review and Recommendations. 1995.

  • Tailings Dams - Design of drainage. 1994.

  • Tailings Dams Safety - Guidelines. 1989.

  • Selecting Seismic Parameters for Large Dams -- Guidelines. 1989.

Global Reporting Initiative

World Bank

Other Publications

Publications of the Mine Environment Neutral Drainage (MEND) Program

A complete list of all publications of the MENDProgram is provided in Appendix 1. With the exception of the document listed below, MENDpublications are available for purchase from the MEND website.

  • List of Potential Information Requirements in Metal Leaching and Acid Rock Drainage Assessment and Mitigation. 2005. MEND.