Pollution prevention (P2) plans

Part 4 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999) gives the Minister of the Environment the authority to require the preparation and implementation of pollution prevention plans (P2 plans) for CEPA 1999 toxic substances (substances that have been added to Schedule 1 of CEPA 1999). To invoke these requirements, the Minister publishes Notices in the Canada Gazette, Part I, requiring persons to prepare and implement P2 plans for a substance or group of substances. Guidelines have been prepared to describe the circumstances under which the P2 planning provisions in Part 4 of CEPA 1999 are implemented.

Pollution prevention is defined in CEPA 1999 as "the use of processes, practices, materials, products, substances or energy that avoid or minimize the creation of pollutants and waste and reduce the overall risk to the environment or human health." Pollution prevention planning is a systematic, comprehensive method of identifying and implementing pollution prevention options to minimize or avoid the creation of pollutants or waste. The plan would also identify recycling, treatment and other measures needed to meet environmental goals.

The Canada Gazette P2 Notices do not prescribe the form of P2 plans. Affected persons may prepare a plan in the form which makes most sense for their facility, so long as the plan:

  • addresses the "factors to consider" identified in the P2 Notice;
  • complies with the timelines in the P2 Notice; and
  • contains all the information required to complete the declarations and other forms.

In order to be most effective, P2 plans could be expected to contain the following elements:

  • a senior-level sign-off;
  • the designation of an accountable senior manager for the plan;
  • a clear statement of the risk management (and other) objectives for the plan;
  • a schedule for meeting those objectives;
  • a review of all significant aspects of the management of the substance (including purchasing, processing, producing, generating, distributing, treating, disposing, storing, or releasing of the substance);
  • an identification, review and selection of options;
  • a plan and schedule for implementing the selected options;
  • a plan for measuring, tracking and evaluating the success of the selected options and for implementing corrective and preventative measures;
  • a plan for reporting on progress towards the plan's objectives; and
  • a continual improvement program.

A person subject to a P2 Notice requiring the preparation and implementation of P2 plans must submit the following according to the timelines set in the published Notice.

A person subject to such a Canada Gazette Notice does not submit the P2 plan itself, unless the Minister requests that the P2 plan be submitted for the purposes of determining and assessing further preventive or control actions (Section 60 of CEPA 1999).

Persons subject to a Canada Gazette Notice may also apply for:

Published Canada Gazette notices requiring P2 plans

Information support tools

For more information regarding the pollution prevention planning provisions under Part 4 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 visit Environment Canada' s Pollution Prevention Planning web site.

The site provides access to the P2 Planning Database, where Notice forms may be completed and submitted on-line. Additionally, most information submitted by persons subject to a Notice is available for public viewing.

Are you interested in learning more about P2 and P2 planning? Environment Canada has developed and identified many resources to help. We invite you to consult the following support tools:

For more information about pollution prevention in general, browse through the Canadian Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse.

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