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Rationale for the Development of a List of Regulated Substances Under CEPA Section 200 and their Threshold Quantities

9. Conclusion

The CRAIM List of Hazardous Substances represents a reasonable basis for the development of a list of substances under Section 200 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. This list contains all the hazardous substances of the U.S. EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) representing a good base to initiate dialogue with both the United States and Mexico on the opportunities for, and potential benefits of, taking a more harmonized approach to environmental emergency planning across North America. Hazardous substances originating from the Major Industrial Accidents Council of Canada (MIACC) were added to the RMP list. The MIACC substances and threshold quantities were identified through a group of experts' consensus while the substances from the RMP lists went through a more traceable approach. A system for recalculation is proposed to bring the toxic substances from MIACC list to the same basis as the RMP substances.

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