Proposed guidelines to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from natural gas-fuelled stationary combustion turbines

The development of the Proposed Guidelines for the Reduction of Nitrogen Oxide Emissions (NOx) from Natural Gas-fuelled Stationary Combustion Turbines follows the agreement made by federal, provincial and territorial environment ministers to better protect human health and the environment by endorsing and implementing a new Air Quality Management System (AQMS). The AQMS includes Canadian Ambient Air Quality Standards for fine particulate matter and ground-level ozone, Base Level Industrial Emissions Requirements (BLIERs) and local Air Zone Management by the provincial/territorial jurisdictions.

Environment and Climate Change Canada led a multi-stakeholder BLIERs working group that developed consensus-based NOx emission requirements for new natural gas–fuelled combustion turbines. These requirements form the foundation for the emission limits in the guidelines.

Contact for further information on the proposed guidelines

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    Paola Mellow
    Director, Electricity and Combustion Division
    Environmental Protection Branch
    Department of the Environment and Climate Change Canada
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