Search Engine for the Results of DSL Categorization

Enter a chemical name or CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service Registry) number to obtain categorization results for a particular substance.


Pre-set Searches

A number of pre-set searches are provided below, to narrow the search results to smaller, more specific categories.

Government of Canada Results for all Existing Substances

Ecological Categorization Results

Human Health Categorization Results

Additional Searches

The Status of Prioritized Substances List reflects any changes in prioritization that have occurred since Categorization based on new information received as part of the first phase of the Chemicals Management Plan.

The New Substances Program's Search Engine for Chemicals, biochemicals, polymers and biopolymers published in the Canada Gazette and List of Organisms on the Domestic Substances List can be used to search for substances on the DSL.  With few exemptions, all substances not on this list are considered new and must be reported prior to importation or manufacture in order that they can be assessed to determine if they are toxic or could become toxic to the environment or human health.

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