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Company/Facility information: Syncrude Canada Ltd./Mildred Lake Plant Site (2011)

Information for Mildred Lake Plant Site
CompanySyncrude Canada Ltd.
FacilityMildred Lake Plant Site
NPRI ID 2274
AddressMildred Lake
Fort McMurray, AB
DUNS Number200846335
Number of Employees5500

Stack Information

NameHeight (m)Diameter (m)Exit Velocity (m/s)Exit Temperature (°C)
19F-5 UE-1 Flare106.71.372 29343
Bitumen Column Feed Heater Stack 7-2F-1A51.83.2 7.7283
26-1 FGD Stack94.56.1 14.776
Diverter Stack 8-1F-573.23.7 34.6488
Bitumen Column Feed Heater Stack 7-1F-1A51.83.2 7.7283
Vacuum Distillation Unit Bitumen Feed Heater 37-1F-1A/B54.33.3 3.8162
Bitumen Column Feed Heater Stack 7-2F-1B51.83.2 7.7283
Low Pressure Hydrocarbon Flare 19-F-176.20.76 20727
H2S Flare 19F-271.61.07 20727
37-1F-2 VDU Bitumen Feed Heater54.31.8 3.8162
Steam Super Heater Stack 8-3 F2A532.1 4307
8-3 Diverter Stack73.73.7 34.6488
High Pressure Hydrocarbon Flare 19F-476.21.22 20727
Bitumen Column Feed Heater Stack 7-1F-1B51.83.2 7.7283
Bitumen Column Feed Heater Stack 7-3 F-153.343.26 7.7382
Main Stack1837.9 23.9240

Contact Information

Name: Brooke Bennett
Position: Sr. Environmental Technologist
Phone: (780) 790-5692
Fax: (780) 790-4105

Parent Companies

Operation Schedule and Shut Down Period

Typical days of operation

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Usual number of operating hours per day

Operating hours: 24:00

Usual daily start time of operations

Start time: N/A

Shut down periods

Shut down periods

Geographical Coordinates

Geographical Coordinates

Additional Geographical Information

Additional Geographical Information
Cencus Sub-DivisionWood Buffalo
Census DivisionDivision No. 16
Economic AreaWood Buffalo - Cold Lake
Census Metropolitan and Agglomeration AreaWood Buffalo
EcozoneBoreal PLain
Major Drainage AreaGreat Slave Lake Drainage Area

Standard Industrial Classifications

  • NAICS 2 Code: 21 - Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
  • NAICS 4 Code: 2111 - Oil and Gas Extraction
  • NAICS 6 Code: 211114 - Non-Conventional Oil Extraction

Pollution-Prevention Planning

This facility is preparing or implementing P2 plans.

  • P2 plans prepared or implemented on a voluntary basis

Other Environmental Programs

Comments on Pollution Prevention Activities

The facility did not provide any comments.