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Data as of: June 15, 2017 
Please note the 2016 NPRI Data are preliminary. The preliminary data is made available for the purpose of engaging reporting facilities to review their submitted data and signal any necessary corrections or updates. Any interpretation of the 2016 NPRI data or their comparison with previous years' NPRI data must consider the possible presence of estimation, calculation or input errors made by facilities. Reviewed 2016 NPRI data will be made available once the annual quality control process is complete.

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Company/Facility information: Ontario Power Generation Inc./Lambton Generating Station (2011)

Information for Lambton Generating Station
CompanyOntario Power Generation Inc.
FacilityLambton Generating Station
NPRI ID 1809
Address1886 St. Clair Parkway
Courtright, ON
Ontario MOE ID1070
DUNS Number255289241
Number of Employees317

Stack Information

NameHeight (m)Diameter (m)Exit Velocity (m/s)Exit Temperature (°C)
Stack 1169.87.49 38.8149
Stack 3 - Wet167.67.11 34.553

Contact Information

Name: Steve Repergel
Position: Corporate Relations Officer
Phone: (519) 431-1791
Fax: (519) 431-1127

Parent Companies

Operation Schedule and Shut Down Period

Typical days of operation

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Usual number of operating hours per day

Operating hours: 24:00

Usual daily start time of operations

Start time: N/A

Shut down periods

Shut down periods

Geographical Coordinates

Geographical Coordinates
Longitude -82.4697

Additional Geographical Information

Additional Geographical Information
Cencus Sub-DivisionSt. Clair
Census DivisionLambton
Economic AreaWindsor--Sarnia
Census Metropolitan and Agglomeration AreaSarnia
EcozoneMixedWood Plain
Major Drainage AreaSt. Lawrence Drainage Area

Standard Industrial Classifications

  • NAICS 2 Code: 22 - Utilities
  • NAICS 4 Code: 2211 - Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • NAICS 6 Code: 221112 - Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Generation

Pollution-Prevention Planning

This facility is preparing or implementing P2 plans.

  • P2 plans prepared or implemented on a voluntary basis

Pollution Prevention (P2) Activities

Comments on overall Pollution Prevention Activities

Comments on Pollution Prevention Activities

The facility did not provide any comments.

Other Environmental Programs

  • Ontario MOE - Hazardous Waste Generator Number - ON0018412

Comments on Pollution Prevention Activities

The facility did not provide any comments.