Second report of the National Pollutant Release Inventory ad hoc work group on substances

(Revised March 31, 1999)

Report prepared by George Matheson, Marbek Resource Consultants


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  1. Introduction 
  2. Development of the recommendations
  3. Recommended additions and deletions for the 1999 reporting year 
  4. Recommendations Concerning Implementation 


AEP Alberta Environmental Protection

ARET Accelerated Reduction and Elimination of Toxics

CACs Criteria air contaminants

CCPA Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association

CEASO Citizens’ Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario

CEPA Canadian Environmental Protection Act

CNWM Citizens’ Network on Waste Management

CPPA Canadian Pulp and Paper Association

CPPI Canadian Petroleum Products Institute

CSPA Canadian Steel Producers Association

CVMA Canadian Motor Vehicles Manufacturing Association

DSL Domestic Substances List

EC Environment Canada

EPA Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.)

MAC Mining Association of Canada

M,P,O Manufactured, processed or otherwise used

MSAC Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee

NEIPTG National Emissions Inventory and Projections Task Group

NPRI National Pollutant Release Inventory

ODSs Ozone depleting substances

PAHs Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

PMRA Pest Management Regulatory Agency

PSL Priority Substances List (CEPA)

SOP Strategic Options Process

TRI Toxics Release Inventory (U.S.)

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