Second report of the

National Pollutant Release Inventory

ad hoc work group on substances

 (Revised March 31, 1999)

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In the latter half of 1997, Environment Canada held stakeholder consultations to gather input on priority issues for the development and improvement of the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI).  As part of its response to the input received, in July 1998 Environment Canada established the Ad Hoc Work Group on Substances (the Work Group). The members of the Work Group are representative of the range of sectors and interests that have a stake in the NPRI (see Annex A for a list of members and alternates). 

The Work Group was given a mandate to develop recommendations in three areas:

  • Objective 1:      Additions and deletions for the 1999 reporting year
  • Objective 2:      Alternate reporting thresholds
  • Objective 3:      Future process for additions and deletions.


The purpose of this report is to present the final recommendations of the Work Group with respect to Objective 1: additions and deletions for the 1999 reporting year.  Work on the second and third objectives is ongoing, and will be the subject of future Work Group reports.

The balance of this report is divided into three sections:

  • Section 2: Development of the Recommendations
  • Section 3: Recommended Additions and Deletions for the 1999 Reporting Year
  • Section 3: Recommendations Concerning Implementation (reducing burdens, schedule)



To date, key activities in the development of the recommendations presented in this report  have been as follows: 

  • The Work Group held its first Meeting on August 27 and 28.  At this meeting, members discussed additions and deletions for 1999 (as well as additional topics relating to the other objectives).
  • Based on discussions at that meeting, the Work Group facilitator prepared an initial draft of the Work Group’s first report.  This was provided to members of the Work Group for review, and revised based on comments received.
  • The revised draft of the first report was discussed in a Work Group conference call on November 4th, and further revised based on the decisions taken during the conference call.
  • On November 19, 1998, the Work Group released a revised draft report[1] to the broader community of stakeholders, and invited comment by January 8, 1999.  The report was posted on the NPRI web site, and was mailed directly to a list of identified stakeholders.
  • All comments received were reviewed and used as a basis for preparing a discussion framework for the second Work Group meeting, including a revised list of candidate additions (Annex B).  All stakeholder feedback was circulated verbatim to Work Group members.  Substance-specific comments were summarized for consideration during the detailed substance-by-substance review.
  • The Work Group held its second meeting on February 16 and 17, 1999.  In this meeting, final Work Group recommendations were approved with respect to Objective 1: additions and deletions for the 1999 reporting year. The meeting also considered a number of other matters.  Further information regarding this meeting is provided in the following sub-section.


The Work Group meeting of February 16 and 17, 1999 was a successful and constructive event.  Agreement was reached on a wide range of issues, and useful input was provided on several other agenda topics. 

With respect to Objective 1 (additions and deletions for the 1999 reporting year), the key elements of the discussion were as follows:

  • Deliberations began with a brief presentation by Environment Canada outlining possible responses to generic concerns raised by stakeholders (notably issues relating to reporting burden).  Following brief discussion, participants agreed to defer further consideration of generic concerns until later in the agenda, following review of proposed 1999 additions and deletions.
  • The substance-by-substance review of additions/deletions began with a presentation of Environment Canada’s response to substance-specific concerns raised by stakeholders (the concerns and response are summarized in Annex C of this report).  This was followed by discussion and recommendation by the Work Group, based on the merits of adding/not adding/deleting the substance in question.  Substantial agreement reached on most of the substances. The resulting recommendations of the Work Group are presented in Section 3 of this report.
  • Following substance-by-substance review, the Work Group returned to the discussion of generic concerns.  These concerns related to implementation of the additions, and included discussion of possible phase-in of the 1999 additions.  The resulting recommendations of the Work Group are presented in Section 4 of this report.

Following the discussion relating to 1999 additions and deletions (Objective 1), the meeting considered Objectives 2 and 3 and other topics.  The recommendations of the Work Group on these matters will be presented in future Work Group reports.


[1] First Report of the National Pollutant Release Inventory Ad Hoc Work Group on Substances: Draft for Public Review and Comment, November 16, 1998.  Available from the NPRI Office, Environment Canada, 351 St. Joseph Blvd., Hull, P.Q. K1A 0H3 and on the NPRI web site at .

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