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Field Name Descriptions for the Downloadable NPRI Data Spreadsheet Files

The following table describes the fields included in the NPRI data files in "Office Open XML" (.xlsx) format. The structure of the downloadable NPRI facility databases in Microsoft Access format can be found here.

PDF version [151 KB]

Field NameMDB Field NameMDB Table NameField Description
YearREP_PERIODFacilityCalendar year for which the data was reported
NPRI IDNPRI_IDFacilityAn assigned 10 digit number, unique for each facility reporting to the NPRI.
Company NameCOMP_NAMEFacilityName of the reporting company
Facility NameFACI_NAMEFacilityName of the reporting facility
CityCITYNPRI_GeoThe city where the facility is located
CSD[1]CSDNAMENPRI_GeoCensus Sub Division where the facility is located.   
CA or CMA[1]CMANAMENPRI_GeoCensus Metropolitan Area where the facility is located.
Economic Region[1]ERNAMENPRI_GeoEconomic Region where the facility is located.
ProvincePROVINCENPRI_GeoThe province or territory in which the facility is located
Terrestrial ecozone (English)[1]ECOZONE_ENPRI_GeoEnglish name of the ecozone
Terrestrial Ecozone (Francais)[1]ECOZONE_FNPRI_GeoFrench name of the ecozone
Watershed (English)[1]WSCMDA_ENNPRI_GeoEnglish name of the major drainage area from the Water Survey of Canada (WSC)
Watershed (Francais)[1] NPRI_GeoFrench name of the major drainage area from the Water Survey of Canada (WSC)
LatitudeLATI_DECNPRI_GeoLatitude in Decimal Degrees
LongitudeLONG_DECNPRI_GeoLongitude in Decimal Degrees
NAICS 4 CodeNAICS4Facility4 digit North American Industrial Classification System Code
NAICS 4 Sector Name (English)NAICS_ENAI4CodeEnglish description of the 4 digit North American Industrial Classification System Code
NAICS 4 Sector Name (French)NAICS_FNAI4CodeFrench description of 4 digit North American Industrial Classification System Code
NAICS 6 CodeNAICS6Facility6 digit North American Industrial Classification System Code
NAICS 6 Sector Name (English)NAICS_ENAI6CodeEnglish description of the 6 digit North American Industrial Classification System Code
NAICS 6 Sector Name (French)NAICS_FNAI6CodeFrench description of the 6 digit North American Industrial Classification System Code
CAS NumberCAS_NumberChemCodeChemical Abstract Service (CAS) Registry Number of the substance
Substance Name (English)CHEM_EChemCodeEnglish substance description
Substance Name (French)CHEM_FChemCodeFrench substance description
Units[2]UNITSChemCodeUnits of measure
Air Emissions
Stack EmissionsAIRSTA_VSubsReleReleases to air from stacks
Fugitive EmissionsAIRFUG_VSubsReleFugitive releases to air
SpillsAIRSPI_VSubsReleReleases to air from spills
OtherAIROTH_VSubsReleOther releases to air, non-point sources
TotalTOTAL_AIRSubsReleTotal releases to air
Water Releases
Direct DischargeWATDIS_VSubsReleDirect releases to water
TotalTOTAL_WATESubsReleTotal releases to water
Receiving Water body[3]WATE_NAMEEStreamsName of the water body
Land Releases
OtherLANOTH_VSubsReleAll other releases to land
TotalTOTAL_LANDSubsReleTotal releases to land
Total Releases
Total Releases (Excluding Road Dust)TOTAL_RELESubsReleTotal releases to air, water, and land. Does not include road dust.
Road Dust EmissionsAIRROA_VSubsReleReleases to air from road dust
Total Releases Including Road DustTOTAL_ALL_RELEASESSubsReleTotal releases to air, water, and land, including road dust emissions
On-Site Disposal
Land FillOLAN_VALSubsDispOn-site containment in landfills
Land TreatmentOFAR_VALSubsDispOn-site land treatment (farm)
Underground InjectionOUND_VALSubsDispOn-site underground injection
TailingsOTAI_VALSubsDispOn-site tailings management
Waste RockOWAS_VALSubsDispOn-site waste rock management
Total On-SiteTOTAL_ON_SSubsDispTotal amount disposed of on-site
Off-Site Disposal
Land FillLAND_VALSubsDispOff-site containment in landfills
Land TreatmentFARM_VALSubsDispOff-site land treatment (Farm)
Underground InjectionUNDE_VALSubsDispOff-site underground injection
StorageSTOR_VALSubsDispOff-site containment (other storage)
TailingsTAIL_VALSubsDispOff-site tailings management
Waste RockWAST_VALSubsDispOff-site waste rock management
Total Off-SiteTOTAL_OFFSSubsDispTotal off-site disposals
Transfers for Treatment
Physical TreatmentPHYS_VALSubsDispPhysical treatment
Chemical TreatmentCHEM_VALSubsDispChemical treatment
Biological TreatmentBIOL_VALSubsDispBiological treatment
IncinerationINCI_VALSubsDispIncineration/ Thermal treatment
Transfer to a Municipal Sewage Treatment PlantMSTP_VALSubsDispMunicipal Sewage Treatment Plants
TotalTOTAL_TREASubsDispTotal amount transferred for treatment
Total On-site, Off-site and Treatment Disposal
TotalTOTAL_DISPSubsDispTotal amount disposed of on-site and off-site, as well as transfers for treatment
Transfers for Recycling
Energy RecoveryENER_VALSubsDispEnergy recovery
Solvent RecoverySOLV_VALSubsDispRecovery of solvents
Organic Compound RecoveryORGA_VALSubsDispRecovery of organic substances (not solvents)
Metal RecoveryMETA_VALSubsDispRecovery of metals and metal compounds
Inorganic Compound RecoveryINOR_VALSubsDispRecovery of inorganic materials (not metals)
Acid or Base RecoveryACID_VALSubsDispRecovery of acids or bases
Catalyst RecoveryCATA_VALSubsDispRecovery of catalysts
Pollution Abatement Residue RecoveryABAT_VALSubsDispRecovery of pollution abatement residues
Used Oil RecoveryUOIL_VALSubsDispRefining or re-use of used oil
OtherOTHE_VALSubsDispAll other recycling
TotalTOTAL_RECYSubsDispTotal amount recycled off-site
Total Releases, Disposals and Transfers for Recycling--Sum of Total Releases including Road Dust; Total On-Site, Off-Site and Treatment Disposal; and Total Recycling

[1] The information contained in this field was generated by Environment Canada using the geographical location (Latitude and longitude) of the facility and various shapefiles published by Statistics Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Agriculture and Agri-food Canada.

[2] Be sure to check units before performing operations with disposals and releases.

[3] In rare cases, facilities reported releases to more than one water body for the same substance. Only one water body is shown for each facility and substance in this file. More detailed information on water bodies can be found by using the downloadable NPRI databases.

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