Proposal by Environmental Defence to Add Naphthenic Acids to the National Pollutant Release Inventory

A proposal was submitted by Environmental Defence on November 11, 2010 to add naphthenic acids to the National Polluant Release Inventory (NPRI) commencing with the 2012 reporting year to capture releases of this group of substances related to oil sands development. Consultation on this issue was conducted through the NPRI Multi-Stakeholder Work Group in April 2012, and recommendations from the Work Group were finalized in June 2012.

Environment Canada’s response (updated July 2014), available below, explains the rationale why naphthenic acids are not being added to the NPRI for 2012-2015 reporting. Once the results of ongoing scientific work are available, Environment Canada will continue with consideration of the proposal including additional consultation to determine whether naphthenic acids would be added to the NPRI in the future.

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