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National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Emission Estimate Guide for Primary Aluminum Producers

3. Are you required to report to the NPRI?

The figure below shows the steps that will enable facilities to determine whether they need to produce a report for the current year.

Figure 1: Steps for determining whether a facility is required to report to the NPRI.

Figure 1 describes the process for reporting to the NPRI.

Source: NPRI, 2011

For further details on NPRI reporting requirements, please refer to the Reporting to the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Guide for the current year.

NPRI substances are grouped into five categories based on their reporting criteria. These reporting criteria are available here. For a complete list of NPRI substances, please refer to the notice in Part I of the Canada Gazetteor the NPRI reporting guide for the year in question.

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