Information on how to use Single Window and report your data to the National Pollutant Release Inventory

The Single Window website will provide details regarding frequently asked questions, contact information, general overview of creating and submitting reports, assigning permissions to other users, etc.

Brief Instructions on using Single Window and the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) On-line Reporting System

  • Log into Single Window
  • Click on National Pollutant Release Inventory and Partners on the Single Window Information Manager (SWIM) Home page
  • Choose your Reporting Year, click Continue
  • Select your Organization and click Continue
  • From the NPRI Reporting Dashboard, click the Prepopulation (prefill) button to use a previous years’ submitted report to begin this year’s report.
  • If you need to remove or add a Reporting Program (for example, adding or removing Acetone), or if you did not file an Inventory report last year, click Add New
  • From the Find Facility page, the top 100 facilities listed in SWIM will be displayed.
    • Click the Radio buttons for all your applicable Facilities, and click Add Items. This will add your facilities to your NPRI Reporting Dashboard page
  • If you used the Prepopulation button, your Status will say In Progress, where if you clicked the Add Items button, it will say New.
  • Click the Continue button to begin your report

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you choose the Prepopulation (prefill) option, ALL information from your selection will be carried over to the new report. This also includes the Programs you selected for that Reporting Year. If you wrongly chose a program (ex. ON MOE 127/01, TRA, etc.), then do not use the prepopulation option.


If there are people who do not have access to your Organizations and Facilities, you will need to grant them access. Permissions are granted under Manage Access, which can be found on the left hand menu after you have selected the appropriate Organization.

To grant permissions, you will generate an EC Key by clicking on the Grant Access button. Choose your Program, type of Permission, Facility(ies) and then the number of EC Keys you wish to generate. Give 1 EC Key to each User and have them enter them under Redeem EC Key on the left hand menu.

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