Oil Sands

A) General Information

1. Guidance:

2. Tools:

B) Sector-Specific Information

1.  Sector Identification

The NAICS (2007) codes applicable to this sector may be obtained from Statistics Canada website:

Note: Other NAICS (2007) codes may also be appropriate for this sector.

2. Guidance

2.1 Environment Canada Guidance

2.2 Industry Association Guidance

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

2.3  US EPA Guidance

2.4  Australia National Pollutant Inventory Guidance

2.5  Related Guidance

3. Case Studies

Some example calculations are provided as additional materials in the Environment Canada Tailings and Waste Rock Guidance. These are available below:

4.  Spreadsheets

Other Excel spreadsheets and guidance were developed for estimating releases from fugitive emission sources and fuels as a result of internal/external combustion. These tools can be found here.

5. Software

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