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Adjunct professor, Department of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan

Adjunct professor, Department of Soil Science, University of Manitoba


B.Sc. (Hons.), University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 1983

M.Sc., University of Saskatchewan, 1986

Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan, 1990


Jane A. Elliott

Research Scientist - Agricultural impacts on water quality and quantity

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contributing to Environment Canada's mandate to ensure that aquatic ecosystems are conserved and protected

  • Characterization of snowmelt runoff at plot, landscape and watershed scales
  • Snowmelt simulation experiments to aid in the identification of nutrient sources in snowmelt runoff
  • Identification and evaluation of cropping practices and agricultural beneficial management practices for water quality protection at the watershed scale
  • Transport and fate of pesticides and other agricultural contaminants (eg. veterinary pharmaceuticals, pathogens)
  • Assessing impact of livestock and manure management practices on water quality


Conference and workshop organization, Member of organizing committee for the Western Canadian Phosphorus Workshop, Winnipeg, 2007

Review of journal manuscripts and research grant submissions

Supervision of one Ph.D. student and one post-doctoral fellow


Priyashantha, S.K.R., C.P. Maulé and J.A. Elliott. 2007. Influence of slope position and hog manure injection on fall soil P and N distribution in an undulating landscape. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. 50(1):45-52.

Glozier, N.E, J.A. Elliott, B. Holliday, J. Yarotski and B. Harker. 2006. Water quality trends and characteristics in a small agricultural watershed: South Tobacco Creek, Manitoba 1992-2001. Environment Canada, Ottawa.

Cessna, A.J. and J.A. Elliott. 2004. Seasonal variation of herbicide concentrations in prairie farm dugouts. J. Environ. Qual. 33:302-315.

Gregory, S., A. Allen, M. Baker, K. Boyer, T. Dillaha and J. Elliott. 2007. Realistic expectations about the timing between conservation implementation and environmental effects – lessons learned from long-term research. In M. Schnef and C. Cox (eds), “Managing Agricultural Landscapes for Water Quality”, Soil and Water Conservation Society special publication, Ankeny, IA,USA.

Maule, C.P. and J.A. Elliott. 2006. Effect of hog manure injection upon soil productivity and water quality; Summary Report. ADF Project 98000094, Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund, Regina, SK.

Farrell, R.E and J.A. Elliott. 2007. Soil Air. In M.R. Carter (ed.) Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis. Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton, USA.

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Nature & Wildlife
     Ecosystems & Habitats
Pollution & Waste
          Pesticides and herbicides
          Inland waters
     Water Quality
          Beneficial management practices
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