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Adjunct Professor (University of Waterloo, York and McMaster)

Vice Chair, International Water Association (IWA) Off-Flavours Speciality Group

Board of Directors, IWA speciality group on Diffuse Pollution

Committee member, American Water Works Association: Taste-Odour Speciality Group

Advisory board member, Canadian Culture Collection (UTCC)

Associate Editor, Water Science and Technology


B.Sc. & M.Sc. McGill University

Ph.D. University of Calgary

NSERC Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Calgary

NSERC Discovery and Strategic Grants 2003 - present


Dr. Sue B. Watson

Research Scientist - Algal outbreaks and source-water impairment: ecological and socioeconomic effects

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Source water integrity and algal and cyanobacterial species outbreaks, blooms, toxins and taste-odour: the dynamic coupling of physics, chemistry and biology

  • Algal and cyanobacterial ecophysiology and chemical ecology
  • Harmful and noxious blooms: causes and impairments - taste-odour, toxins, fouling, food web effects
  • Drinking water and source water integrity, source-tracking wastewater and other external and internal sources of nutrients and pathogens using isotopic, genetic and chemical markers and probes
  • Human impacts on surface waters in high latitudes & elevations   
  • Agricultural, mining & pulp-mill industries and effects on source & drinking water
  • Drinking water treatment


Source-water impairment and stewardship in a diversity of waterbodies in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia  with focus on the Great Lakes, Lake Winnipeg, Lake of the Woods, alpine, prairie and Northern lakes, working in national and international collaborations with Universities, Federal, Provincial, Municipal government agencies, public and other stakeholder groups


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Watson S.B. and J.L. Lawrence. 2003. Drinking water quality and sustainability.  Wat. Qual. Res. J. Can 38 (1): 3-13.

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          Lipids and fatty acids
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