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M.Sc (Geology) McMaster University, Hamilton ON

B.Sc Hon. (Geology) University of Toronto, Toronto ON


Raymond Semkin

Physical Chemist - Study Leader, Hydrogeochemical Response of the Turkey Lakes Watershed to Acidic Deposition

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Developing scientific knowledge to assess the impact of air pollutants on surface and ground waters

  • Hydrogeochemical response of the Turkey Lakes Watershed (TLW) in north-central Ontario to acidic deposition
  • Investigating chemical and hydrological budgets for lakes
  • Quantification and chemical characterization of atmospheric deposition in precipitation, throughfall, snowpack and snowmelt
  • Impact of climate change on the acidification / recovery of surface and ground waters
  • Characterization of water chemistry in remote lakes in western Canada and in the Arctic


Reasearch and monitoring at the Turkey Lakes Watershed in north-central Ontario - hydrometeorolgy, hydrogeochemistry and limnology

Lake water chemistry in the northern Boreal Forest and in the High Arctic

Integrated, multi-disciplinary and multi-agency watershed studies


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