Protected areas data

Area protected by federal jurisdiction, Canada, 2016
JurisdictionTerrestrial area protected (square kilometres)Marine area protected (square kilometres)Total (square kilometres)
Parks Canada338 96413 723352 687
Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service104 85419 616124 469
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada34 945034 945
Fisheries and Oceans Canada012 75112 751
National Capital Commission4620462
Correction for overlap among jurisdictions-10 868-42-10 910
Grand total468 35746 047514 404

Note: Terrestrial areas include both land and freshwater. Entries represent the total area protected by each federal jurisdiction, accounting for any overlaps that may exist. This correction is made to avoid double-counting areas that benefit from more than one protection mechanism. No correction has been made for overlap between terrestrial and marine polygons resulting from variable definitions of coastlines or mapping artefacts. Areas under shared federal-provincial jurisdiction are included. Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration lands (Community Pastures) are being returned to provincial control and are no longer considered protected by a federal department.
Source: Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (2017) Conservation Areas Reporting and Tracking System (CARTS). Data are current as of December 31, 2016.

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