Status of Major Fish Stocks Data

The table shows the number and percentage of major fish stocks in each stock status zone: 46% are classified as "healthy zone," 20% as "cautious zone," 11% as "critical zone," and 23% as "status unknown."

Status of major fish stocks, Canada, 2011
ClassificationNumber of stocksPercentage of stocks
Critical Zone1711
Cautious Zone3120
Healthy Zone7246
Status Unknown3523

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The table shows, by stock group (Marine mammals, Groundfish, Small Pelagics, Large Pelagics, Salmonids, Crustaceans, Molluscs and Others), the number of stocks in each stock status zone.

Status of major fish stocks, by stock group, Canada, 2011
Stock GroupSpecies IncludedCritical Zone
(number of stocks)
Cautious Zone
(number of stocks)
Healthy Zone
(number of stocks)
Status Unknown
(number of stocks)
Marine MammalsWhales, walrus0245
GroundfishHake, plaice, cod, haddock, halibut, flounder, pollock, redfish, skate, sablefish, lingcod, rockfish, perch, thornyhead1411108
Small PelagicsHerring, walleye, mackerel, whitefish, capelin, sardine, striped bass, gaspereau, eulachon3694
Large PelagicsTuna, swordfish, shark0223
SalmonidsSalmon, trout, char0683
CrustaceansCrab, lobster, shrimp, prawn, krill02294
MolluscsScallop, clam, geoduck, whelk0277
OthersSea cucumber, sea urchin, eels0031
Total 17317235

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