Protected Areas Data

Area protected by federal jurisdictions, Canada, 2014
JurisdictionTerrestrial area protected
Marine area protected
Parks Canada317 63212 751330 383
Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service104 82619 617124 444
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada56 224056 224
Fisheries and Oceans Canada010 39210 392
National Capital Commission4570457
Grand total468 32242 753511 075

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Note: Areas were overlap-corrected and include only those areas recognized under the international definition of a protected area. Areas under shared federal-provincial jurisdiction are included in these totals. Data for areas in Quebec under the jurisdiction of the National Capital Commission use data as supplied by the province of Quebec. The grand total is less than the sum of jurisdictions due to corrections for overlaps. 9102 km2 previously protected by Agriculture and Agri–Food Canada are not included here.

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