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Data Sources and Methods for the Changes in Wildlife Species Disappearance Risks Indicator

3. Data

3.1 Data source

Data are drawn from Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) Wildlife Species Status Reports, available at the Species at Risk Public Registry.

COSEWIC maintains a database of wildlife species assessment results, which were summarized for this indicator. A search can be made for wildlife species of interest at Wildlife Species Search.

Data contributing to the assessment of individual wildlife species are drawn from a wide range of sources, which are cited within the relevant status reports.

3.2 Spatial coverage

The indicator is national.

3.3 Temporal coverage

In general, wildlife species are reassessed every 10 years. The date of reassessment, therefore, varies widely within the dataset.

3.4 Data completeness

Data cover only the suite of wildlife species that have been reassessed and are not data deficient.

3.5 Data timeliness

COSEWIC meets twice per year to consider recent species reports, assess wildlife species' risk of extinction or extirpation, and designate a status category. Individual species are generally reassessed every 10 years. This indicator is current to May 2015.

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