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Data Sources and Methods for the Sustainability of Timber Harvest Indicator

3. Data

3.1 Data source

Wood supply and harvest estimates are drawn from the National Forestry Database (NFD), maintained by the Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada. The data contained in the NFD are provided by provincial and territorial resource management organizationsFootnote [1] and federal government departments.

Canada's total area is estimated using the Atlas of Canada 1,000,000 National Frameworks Data, Administrative Boundaries.

World forest area is drawn from the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010.

3.2 Spatial coverage

The indicator includes all provinces, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Nunavut is excluded as it is not a National Forestry Database partner.

3.3 Temporal coverage

Annual estimates from 1990 to 2013 are included.

3.4 Data completeness

Data are updated in the National Forestry Database on a biannual basis, and include all estimates as provided by reporting jurisdictions.

3.5 Data timeliness

The National Forestry Database is updated biannually, with a 14-month time lag. For example, data for 2013 were provided by the provinces, territories and federal agencies in 2014 and totals were published in February 2015. Jurisdictions are provided with an opportunity to update the data if necessary, which are published in June 2015. This indicator is current to the end of 2013.

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