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Data Sources and Methods for the Habitat Secured for Waterfowl Indicator

Caveats and limitations

  • Partners are responsible for reporting the number of hectares secured through their projects to the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) National Tracking System. A review and update of the tracking system by Environment Canada’s Wetlands Office was completed in 2012. As a result, annual cumulative habitat secured differs from that previously reported as adjustments have been made to annual securement totals for each joint venture over the reporting period.
  • The Pacific Coast Joint Venture is international in scope, but only the area secured in Canada is reported here.
  • Though habitat securement, enhancement and management are carried out with the goal of waterfowl population recovery and/or sustainability, these indicators do not measure waterfowl populations. For further information on waterfowl populations in Canada, see Population Status of Migratory Game Birds in Canada.
  • Though habitat secured through joint venture activities is based on conservation importance or “priority”, this indicator is simply a measure of the quantity of habitat secured with no specific reference to its state (e.g. pristine, requiring restoration). Within the habitat secured, some areas may require additional conservation activities.