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Data Sources and Methods for the Habitat Secured for Waterfowl Indicator


3.1 Data source

Environment Canada’s Wetlands Office uses the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) National Tracking System to track hectares secured through the NAWMP partnership. The tracking system is updated by partners each quarter and figures are published annually in Canadian Habitat Matters.

3.2 Spatial coverage

The indicator is national. The Pacific Coast Joint Venture is international in scope; however, only the area secured in Canada is included here.

3.3 Temporal coverage

Data are collected quarterly and published annually.

3.4 Data completeness

The indicator provides a cumulative total of all securement accomplishments for the four Canadian habitat joint ventures: Pacific Coast (Canadian portion only); Canadian Intermountain; Eastern Habitat; and Prairie Habitat, including the Western Boreal Forest Region.

3.5 Data timeliness

The indicator is current to December 2012.