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Permit for Fish Waste

Milestone 5: Permit is Valid and Operations Can Begin

Step 13: Permittee Uses Permit in Accordance With Terms and Conditions

  1. Environment Canada (EC) provides applicant with approved permit.
  2. Permit holder may begin operations on start date stated in permit.

Action that initiates step

The permit has become valid

EC roles and responsibilities

EC provides Applicant with approved permit.

Other parties’ roles & responsibilities

The Permit Holder may begin operations in accordance with the start date and conditions in the permit including inspections and reporting.

The Permit Holder may also be required to monitor short term effects of disposal as a condition of the permit.

The Permit holder may also apply for an amendment to the terms and conditions of the permit if needed.

Forms to be completed

Not applicable.

Documentation involved in step

Not applicable.

Decision-making criteria

Not applicable.

Component Activities

This Step consists of the following activities:

  1. EC provides Applicant with approved permit which requires implementing EA mitigation measures, monitoring, and follow-up requirements as appropriate;
  2. The Permit Holder may begin operations on the start date stated in the permit, and in accordance with the conditions in the permit

If an amendment is required the Permit Holder must apply for the change. The amendment process may require an assessment to ensure that requested changes do not have unforeseen impacts. A permit cannot be extended beyond one year. Amendments are also published in the Canada Gazette, Part I and subject to the 30 public review period.

End-point, final product of step

The Permit Holder can begin operations and uses the permit as per conditions or amended conditions.