Sunken vessel (HMCS Saguenay)

Projects involving disposal at sea of a ship, airplane, platforms or other structures must be completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of a valid disposal at sea permit. Only vessels, aircraft, platforms or other structures that meet Environment Canada (EC)’s “Clean-up Standard for Vessels and Other Structures” (EC, 2006) will be considered for disposal at sea permits. An EC representative may be required to be present during mutually agreeable components of the clean-up. 

It is highly recommended that the proponent contact the regional Disposal at Sea office prior to undertaking any clean-up.  While the EC standard provides the foundation of issues to be addressed prior to permit issuance, further guidance may be provided by EC.  Specific details and approach for any clean-up will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Upon completion of the clean-up program, a report must be submitted to EC for review and consideration. The report will serve as a key component of the Disposal at Sea permit application evaluation process. The requirement of the report, the inspection, clean-up standards and related issues can be found in the document titled: Clean-up Standard for Disposal at Sea of Vessels, Aircraft, Platforms and Other Structures, available through Environment Canada's Publications Catalogue.

Consideration of Alternatives to Disposal

Sunken Vessel (HMCS Saguenay)

A permit application to dispose of a vessels, aircraft, platforms or other structures, shall be refused if opportunities exist to re-use or recycle the structure without undue risks to human health or the environment or disproportionate costs. The practical availability of other means of disposal must be considered in the light of a comparative risk assessment.

Applicants must clearly demonstrate that appropriate consideration has been given to alternate uses and recycling. Where disposal at sea is identified as the most appropriate waste management option, the proponent will be required to demonstrate that EC’s clean-up standard has been met.

Permitting Process

Permit assessment for the disposal of vessels etc... will follow essentially the same assessment process as dredged material and potential permittees should refer to those steps of assessment. Vessel permit assessments however often have particulars that differ on a case-by-case basis and the process may deviate somewhat from the dredged material process. Proponents should contact the regional Disposal at Sea office prior to undertaking any cleanup or submitting an application.