Project Criteria

Projects must be focused in the Atlantic Ecosystem, and address one or more of the following priorities:

  • Water Quality:  From headwaters to estuaries, improve assessment, monitoring, modeling, and mitigation of multiple stressors and their cumulative effects on water quality in Atlantic Canada.
  • Habitat and Biodiversity:  Through research, conservation and stewardship, increase understanding and prevention of biodiversity loss by protecting, conserving, or rehabilitating significant habitat and species of interest
  • Impacts of Climate Change:  Increase understanding of the adverse impacts of climate change on water quality, habitat and biodiversity in order to build resilience and improved climate risk preparedness in Atlantic Canada. 

Eligible Activities

Projects must address one or more of the three program priorities identified above and involve at least one of these eligible activities:

  1. Planning and Decision-Making: Projects will address complex ecosystem issues with an integrated approach to strengthen collaborative decision-making that will lead to action and measureable environmental results.
  2. Knowledge and Science: Projects will involve the collection, interpretation, analysis and sharing of information to better understand the ecosystem and to support informed decisions and action.
  3. Action: Projects will involve Ecosystem conservation, restoration and enhancement.  Projects must demonstrate a comprehensive ecosystem-based approach, and how it is part of an overall strategic plan.

Evaluation Criteria

All proposals will be assessed against the following required and desirable criteria.  Projects which do not meet the required criteria will not be considered for funding.  Projects will be given a rating for each criterion as well as an overall rating for the project.  Projects with the highest overall ratings will be recommended for funding.

Required Criteria - Project proposals are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate strong linkages to at least one of the AEI program priorities.
  • Be scientifically and/or technically sound.
  • Demonstrate management capability to successfully undertake the project.
  • Achieve or lead to measurable environmental results.

Desirable Criteria - The following desirable criteria will be given key consideration in the evaluation of proposals under a competitive process:

  • Build on existing research and knowledge
  • Improve capacity for comprehensive ecosystem-based approach
  • Build partnerships through collaboration with other organizations
  • Extent of leveraged funding from other
  • Dissemination of results and knowledge
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