Legend of sources

Carla made landfall over Ontario, Quebec and Labrador as a tropical depression with winds of 55 km/h on September 14-15.

Hurricane Carla lasted from September 3 to September 16, 1961. Carla formed just north of Panama and became a category five hurricane with winds of 278 km/h. Carla was a tropical depression with winds of 56 km/h upon entering Ontario on the morning of September 14. Numerous power outages and fallen tress were reported as high winds swept through the eastern portion of the country.


September 15, 1961

  • Trees blew down on wires causing numerous power outages in the Clarkson-Port Credit area (TS)

New Brunswick

September 16, 1961

  • 130 km/h winds in Saint John (HH)
  • Numerous power outages throughout the province (HH)

Nova Scotia

September 16, 1961

  • 92 km/h winds in Halifax (HH)
  • The Public Gardens in Halifax had to close for fear of falling trees and branches (HH)