Reporting Through Single Window

Welcome to Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Single Window website. This website is for reporting to specific federal and provincial environmental programs. The list of associated programs can be found on the Contact Info page.

To launch the application, please click on the register/log-in button on the left-hand menu bar.

Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Single Window system integrates data collection between provincial and federal programs into one streamlined system. It is a Web-based system that guides reporters through data entry and submission.

The system is a secure website that requires users to register and create passwords in order to access the site. These passwords should remain confidential and not shared with anyone. For more information on the security and system requirements of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Single Window system, please refer to the about GCKey Web page.

Once registered, users are able to report to any of the modules that have joined Single Window Information Manager (SWIM) and re-use their tombstone data (company’s name, address, contacts, phone numbers etc.) as required, helping to save time and effort.

Users are able to view information for organizations and/or facilities only if they have been approved to do so. Functionality allows organizations to grant access to others in their organizations. This procedure should be followed whenever possible.

All data collected through the Single Window is protected and is only shared with the program that collects it. For specific information on the programs associated with Environment and Climate Change Canada's Single Window,please visit the Contact Info page.

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