Manual of Ice (MANICE)


MANICE is the Manual of Standard Procedures for Observing and Reporting Ice Conditions.

MANICE is the authoritative document for observing all forms of ice:

  • Sea Ice,
  • Lake and River Ice, and
  • Ice of Land Origin

The most recent version of MANICE (date of revision: June 2005) contains the following sections:

Table of Content

Chapter 1: General Terminology
Chapter 2: Ice observations
Chapter 3: Observed Ice charts
Chapter 4: Iceberg Messages
Chapter 5: Ice Analysis Charts
Chapter 6: Ice Thickness Measurements and Reports

Conversion Table
Key to Ice Symbols

Available Formats:

PDF; 7.0 MB / Print $38.00 (Sold-out) / CD-ROM $15.00

The CD-ROM copy of MANICE can be ordered through the Contact the Ice Service form.