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October 2011

The 2010 and 2011 Arctic Ocean Minimum Sea Ice Extents satellite images updated

From 2010 and onwards, the Canadian Ice Service will be using MODIS composites to display the minimum sea ice extents in the Arctic Ocean in mid-September.


Ice Product Title modifications

The following ice products' titles have been changed:

Previous TitleNew Title
Daily Ice Analysis ChartDaily Ice Chart
Daily Ice Analysis Chart - ConcentrationDaily Ice Chart - Concentration
Daily Ice Analysis Chart - StageDaily Ice Chart - Stage of Development
Daily Image Analysis Chart (Colour)Image Analysis Chart (Colour)
English Daily Ice Hazard BulletinEnglish Daily Ice Forecasts
French Daily Ice Hazard BulletinFrench Daily Ice Forecasts
Weekly and Monthly Regional Ice Chart - ConcentrationWeekly Regional Ice Chart - Concentration
Weekly and Monthly Regional Ice Chart - StageWeekly Regional Ice Chart - Stage of Development


Proposed change to the Arctic 30-day ice forecasts

The Canadian Ice Service is proposing a new format for the Arctic 30-day ice forecasts with an easier to read format for the clients. The content has not been modified. The proposed format for the 30-day ice forecast has the forecast information separated by areas.

The structure of the bulletin would be:

  • Summary of ice and weather for the past two weeks,
  • Significant events during the past two weeks,
  • Significant forecasts for the next two weeks, and
  • Ice forecasts by area for the next two weeks followed by an outlook for another two weeks. 

Depending upon feedback received from clients, this new format could be implemented as a permanent change for the summer 2012. Please send your feedback to Contact the Ice Service.


Arctic Daily Ice Charts

The Canadian Ice Service has added four new daily ice charts.  These charts are called: Canada Basin, Alert, Arctic Ocean and the North Pole.  These charts and image analysis for the area can be found in the Arctic Ocean section of the CIS click map. The daily charts are produced when there is shipping in the area.

Archived daily ice charts for these areas will be available online eventually.  Please check future “What’s new” announcements for details of implementation.

New Arctic Daily Ice Charts

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