Results of GHG Facility Data Search

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Reporting Year2011
Company/Facility Name or NPRI IDgibraltar
Total Results1

Results of GHG Facility Data Search: XLS (Click on link to download spreadsheet)

Data presented here are current as of October 12, 2016. Ongoing data analyses may result in periodic updates. Environment and Climate Change Canada has conducted a number of data checks for compliance purposes and to ensure completeness. All data provided within this website are for information purposes only. Updated global warming potentials were used across the entire time-series of the facility reported emissions to calculate the carbon dioxide equivalent values.

Results of Facility Data Search
GHGRP ID NPRI ID Facility Name City Province/Territory Greenhouse Gas (tonnes CO2 eq)
CO2 CH4 N2O HFCs PFCs SF6 Total
G10679 1303 Gibraltar Mine (SFO) – Gibraltar Mines Ltd. McLeese Lake British Columbia 52,470 60 2,082       54,613
Total 52,470 60 2,082 0 0 0 54,613

Note: Totals may not add due to rounding.

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