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Useful Conversion Factors and Units

This section provides information on conversion factors and units often used when quantifying greenhouse gas emissions including:

General conversion factors from imperial to metric units

Convert from:To:Multiply by:
pound (lb)kilogram (kg)0.454
ton (short ton)tonne0.9072
foot (ft)metre (m)0.3048
cubic foot (ft3 )cubic metre (m 3 )0.02832
gallon (U.S. gal)litre (L)3.7854
1 barrellitre (L)119
1 barrel petroleumlitre (L)159
1 milekilometer (km)1.609
1 square milesquare kilometer (km2)2.590
1 acresquare meter (m2)4 047

Emission factor conversions from imperial to metric units

Convert from:To:Multiply by:
lb/1 000 galkg/1 000 L0.1198
lb/million BTUskg/million BTUs0.454
lb/1 000 tonkg/1 000 tonnes0.500
lb/million ft3kg/million m316.018

Power and energy conversions from imperial to metric units

Convert from:To:Multiply by:
million BTUs/hourkilowatt (kW)293.1
million BTUs/hourhorsepower (Hp)393.0
million BTUskilojoule (kJ)1.055 millions
million BTUsgigajoule (GJ)1.055

Energy unit prefixes

BTUBritish Thermal Unit11 BTU
MBTUthousand BTUs1 x 103 BTUs
MMBTUmillion BTUs1 x 106 BTUs
BBTUbillion BTUs1 x 109 BTUs
TBTUtrillion BTUs1 x 1012 BTUs

1 A British thermal unit is the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at or near 39.2 Fahrenheit. It is the customary U.S. energy unit.

Metric unit prefixes

Tera (T)10121 000 000 000 000
Giga (G)1091 000 000 000
Mega (M)1061 000 000
Kilo (k)1031 000
Hecto (h)102100
Deca (da)10110
Deci (d)10-1.1
Centi (c)10-2.01
Milli (m)10-3.001
Micro (μ)10-6.000001
Nano (n)10-9.000000001
Pico (p)10-12.000000000001