Facility Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Program

New! Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is considering changes to the GHGRP, starting in 2017. Learn more about the proposed changes to the program and stakeholder consultations.

Accurate tracking of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is an important part of assessing Canada’s overall environmental performance. Since March 2004, the Government of Canada has required facilities across Canada to report their GHG emissions annually through the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Program (GHGRP).

Facility GHG emissions reporting contributes to the development, implementation and evaluation of climate change and energy use policies and strategies by providing a more precise picture of the sources and amounts of GHG emissions from Canada's largest emitters.

So far, the GHGRP has applied to the largest GHG emitting operations in Canada. All facilities that emit the equivalent of 50 000 tonnes (50 kilotonnes) or more of GHGs in carbon dioxide equivalent units (CO2 eq) per year are required to submit a report. Facilities with emissions falling below the reporting threshold of 50 kilotonnes per year can voluntarily report their GHG emissions.

Reporting for 2016 will remain unchanged from previous years – the Notice with respect to reporting of greenhouse gases (GHGs) for 2016, outlines current requirements for facilities.

Reporting to the GHGRP

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Information for operators of facilities required to report to the GHGRP.

Reported Facility GHG Data

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Search facility-reported GHG emissions, view data summaries and trends analysis.

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Search facility-reported greenhouse gas emissions in Canada (2015 data)

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