Used Oil Recycling Program


Nova Scotia

Type of Initiative:

Product stewardship

Products Targeted:

The program covers used motor oil (crankcase oil).

Summary of Initiative
Supporting Framework
Program Details
Program Contacts

Summary of Initiative

Under the Nova Scotia Used Oil Regulations, retailers who sell motor oil (crankcase oil) must either accept used oil or provide a collection depot within 5 kilometers of their business,

Oil that is poured down the drain, openly burned, or disposed of with household garbage, can contaminate land and water, and create air pollution. The used oil recycling program ensures proper disposal of used oil, as well as recycling and reuse of the product. Once collected, lubricating oil can be recycled and reprocessed for use again as a lubricant or fuel.

Residents can return used oils to an oil retailer or designated facility.

Supporting Framework


The Nova Scotia used oil recycling program is regulated by the Used Oil Regulations, under the Environment Act.


No recovery targets have been set under the program.

Program Details


As part of the program, oil retailers selling motor oil (crankcase oil) are required to accept used and unwanted motor oil (crankcase oil) in manageable quantities during the retailer's normal business hours.

Product-specific Fees:  

The regulation is silent on fees.

Program Monitoring & Reporting:

Nova ScotiaEnvironment is responsible for monitoring program performance and industry compliance with the Waste Management Regulations.

Program Performance:

Information on program performance is not available at this time.

Program Contacts

Nova Scotia Environment
Waste Resource Management
5151 Terminal Road, 5th Floor
PO Box 442
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2P8

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