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Resilog Volume 27 No. 01

Resilog Volume 27 No. 01 (PDF; 2.75 MB) is also available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To access this file, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Definitions and Acronyms

Quantity Pending:
Quantity notified for which the notice has been sent for approval to the competent authorities and for which no reply has been received.
Quantity Consented:
Quantity notified for which all of the competent authorities have granted consent to the proposed movement of hazardous wastes or hazardous recyclable materials.
Quantity Objected:
Quantity notified for which any of the competent authorities have refused to grant consent to the proposed movement of hazardous wastes or hazardous recyclable materials.
Canadian Transit:
Transboundary movement generated and received in Canada, passing through a foreign country.
Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations
For the purposes of this report, means hazardous waste or hazardous recyclable material as defined by EIHWHRMR.

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Fast Facts

The requirements for publication of notice information can be found under Part 7, Division 8, Section 187 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999). Resilog tables 1, 2, and 3 describe notifications for proposed exports, imports and transits of hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclable materials received by Environment Canada in the first six months of 2012. Notification status and notified quantities are summarized below.

Notified Quantities, January 1 – June 30, 2012 (1st and 2nd Quarters, 2012)
Canadian Transits
Number of duly completed notices received
1 321
Number of waste streams involved
3 499
8 289
12 464
Total quantity notified (Tonnes)
5 032 223
23 316 128
259 336
28 607 688
Quantity consented (Tonnes)
4 200 703
22 859 674
237 836
27 298 212
Quantity objected (Tonnes)
21 991
33 000
54 991
Quantity pending (Tonnes)
808 270
423 455
21 500
1 253 224

The quantity notified reflects the estimated maximum quantity of waste that is intended to be shipped. It therefore may not be the same as the actual quantity shipped. Exporters and importers routinely overestimate waste quantities on their notices, given that they must forecast the quantity and the physical and chemical nature of hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclable materials that might be shipped over a period of one year. Actual quantities of waste in movement are tracked through movement documents and are entered in a database.

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How to Read Resilog

Waste Groups

1. Battery Wastes:
Waste whole or crushed batteries, including acid batteries.
2. Biomedical Wastes:
As defined in the CCME Guidelines for the Management of Biomedical Wastes in Canada, plus infectious wastes (TDGR class 6.2 and Schedule 3 of EIHWHRMR).
3. Corrosive Liquids:
Waste acidic or basic liquids and solutions (TDGR class 8).
4. Corrosive Solids:
Waste acids and bases in solid form (TDGR class 8).
5. Environmental Hazards:
Liquid and solid wastes that could pose a danger to the environment.
6. Flammable Liquids:
Waste liquids that are ignitable (TDGR class 3).
7. Flammable Solids:
Waste ignitable, pyrophoric or water reactive solids (TDGR class 4).
8. Gases:
Waste aerosols, compressed and liquefied gases (TDGR class 2).
9. Halogenated Organic Wastes:
Waste halogenated organic solvents, liquids and solids.
10. Inorganic Wastes:
Waste inorganic substances and solutions.
11. Leachable Toxic Wastes:
Wastes that come within Schedule 6 of the EIHWHRMR.
12. Metal and Mineral Wastes:
Metal/mineral bearing wastes, metal treatment and processing wastes.
13. Non-halogenated Organic Wastes:
Waste non-halogenated organic solvents, liquids and solids.
14. Oils/Fuels:
Waste gasoline, diesel, petroleum processing wastes, used lubricating oils and filters and anti-knock mixtures.
15. Oxidizers:
Oxidizing wastes and organic peroxide wastes (TDGR class 5).
16. Paint-related Wastes:
Waste paints, resins, lacquers, inks, paint thinners and adhesives.
17. Pesticide Wastes:
Waste biocides and wastes contaminated with pesticides.
18. Toxic Liquids:
Waste liquids and solutions that are toxic/poisonous (TDGR class 6.1).
19. Toxic Solids:
Wastes in a solid form that are toxic/poisonous (TDGR class 6.1).
20. Polychlorinated Biphenyls:
Wastes that contain more than 50mg/kg of PCBs.


In the tables, the waste groups are listed across the top row by number. The names of Canadian companies that notified Environment Canada of intended imports and exports (notifiers) are entered alphabetically in the left column. Although a Canadian company may have submitted many notices for the period covered by this Resilog edition, its name appears only once in each table. Therefore, each notifier may have more than one permit per waste group.

For exports and imports, a two-letter code representing the name of the country of origin (imports) or destination (exports) is used. If a Canadian company has provided multiple notices in which the countries of origin or destination differ, the countries of origin (imports) or destination (exports) are identified with a one-letter code.

For transits, the two-letter code represents the name of the country of origin and destination. If the countries of origin and destination are different, then a one-letter code is used.

The legend of country codes is provided at the bottom of each table.

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Table 1: Notices Received for Proposed Exports of Hazardous Wastes and Hazardous Recyclable Materials

Table 1 (January 1 - June 30, 2012)
Exporter NameWaste Group
1049585 Ontario Inc. o/a RPR Environmental Services     USUSUS       US    
5N Plus Inc.    A               
958160 Ontario Ltd. O/A Da-Lee Waste Oil Services    US               
Active Tech Electronics Inc.    US               
ADL Process Inc.    US               
Advanced Finishing Technologies  US                 
Aevitas Inc.    US               
Aimco Solrec Ltd.     US              
Air Liquide Canada Inc.       US            
Akzo Nobel Chemicals Ltd.   US                
Alcoa – Aluminerie de Baie-Comeau           US        
Alcoa – Aluminerie de Bécancour           US        
Alcoa – Aluminerie de Deschambault           US        
Aleris Specification Alloy Products Canada Company           US        
Alstom Grid Canada       US            
ArcelorMittal-Dofasco Inc.  US US            US  
ARTEX Environmental Corporation    US               
Biodent Compliance Solutions    AT               
Cambridge Brass Inc.    US               
Can Art Aluminum Extrusion Inc.         US          
Canadian National Railway Company    US               
Canadian Pacific Railway Company    US               
Cando Contracting Ltd.    US               
Candor Industries Inc.  US US               
CCON Metals Inc.US                   
CEPSA Química Bécancour Inc.    US               
ChemTECH Environnement Inc.     US           US  
Chemrec Inc.     US              
Chemtura Canada  US US US  US          
Chevron Canada Ltd.      US             
Combined Metal Industries Inc.                BE BE 
Consumers’ Co-operative Refineries Ltd.      US             
Cooper Plating Inc.  US US               
Court Galvanizing Ltd.  US US               
CRI Environnement Inc.     US              
Criterion Catalysts & Technologies Canada Inc.      US             
Cyanide Destruct Systems Inc.  US                 
Dana Canada Corporation         US          
Daniels Sharpsmart Canada Ltd. US  US            USUS 
DDi Toronto Corporation  US                 
Dow Chemical Canada ULC      US             
Dynamic & Proto Circuits Inc.  US                 
E.I. DuPont Canada Company     US         US    
Edmonds Batteries Ltd.B                   
Electro-Shred Ltd.    US               
Environmental Services Inc.                US   
Exide Technologies Canada CorporationUS                   
Extrudex Aluminum Ltd.         US          
Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc.     USUSUS         US  
Firan Technology Group  US                 
Ford Motor Company of Canada               US    
Galvcast Manufacturing Inc.  US                 
General Chemical Performance Products Ltd.  US                 
Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation – Cambridge Mill    US               
Green for Life Environmental East Corporation    USUSUS           US 
Green for Life Environmental West Corporation    USUS              
Globe Stamping Company Ltd.    US               
Hazco Environmental Services      US             
Hiscocan Inc.    US               
Hotz Environmental Services Inc.    USUS              
Husky Oil Operations Ltd.      US             
IBM Canada Ltée  USUSUS               
Imperial Oil – Nanticoke Refinery  US                 
Irving Pulp and Paper Ltd.  US                 
Kuntz Electroplating Inc.  US                 
Laurel Steel Products  US                 
Les Industries Capitol Inc.                  US 
M&R Environmental    US               
Matrix Electronics Ltd.  US                 
Meridian Lightweight Technologies Inc.           US        
Miller Environmental Corporation     US              
Network Materials and Resources Inc.US USUSUS US  US          
New Brunswick Power Coleson Cove Corporation    US               
New Brunswick Power Generation Corporation    US               
Newalta Corporation / La Corporation NewaltaUS USUSUSUSUSUS US USUS USUSUSUSUS 
Pacific Metals Recycling International           US        
Petro-Canada Lubricants Centre      US             
Placage Deco-Spec International Plating Inc.    US               
Pure Metal Galvanizing Inc.  US US               
Quantex Technologies Inc.  USUSUSUSUS  US US  US  USUS 
Raw Materials Company Inc.US   US      US     USUS 
Refrigerant Services Inc.       US            
Riverside Brass and Aluminum Foundry Ltd.    US               
Rochester Aluminum Smelting Canada Ltd.           US        
Royal Canadian Mint  USUSUS         US     
S&P Flex Circuit Ltd.  US                 
Safety-Kleen Canada Inc.  US  US       US US    
Scepter Aluminum Company Saguenay Operations           US        
Services Sanitaires de Recyclage Expert    US               
Shell Canada Products    US US             
SIVACO Ontario  US                 
Solva-Rec Environnement Inc.    US               
Stericycle Inc. US  US  US      US  USUS 
Suncor Energy Products Partnership Inc. – Edmonton Refinery      US             
Suncor Energy Products Partnership Inc. – Montreal Refinery  US                 
Superior Safety Inc.       US            
Teck Metals Ltd.    C             US 
Tonolli Canada Ltd.US US US US             
Toxco Waste Management Ltd.US US US               
Tree Island Industries Ltd.    US               
Tri-Arrow Industrial Recovery Inc.    USUS              
Ultramar Ltée – Raffinerie Jean Gaulin    US DE             
Urbanmine Inc.US                   
Veolia ES Canada Services Industriels Inc.    USUSUS             
WRS Environmental    USUS         US    


Country of destination:

  • AT Austria
  • BE Belgium
  • DE Germany
  • US United States
  • A Germany and United States
  • B Republic of Korea and United States
  • C Mexico and United States

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Mexico and the Republic of Korea are members of the OECD and are Parties to the Basel Convention.

The United States of America is a member of the OECD.

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Table 2: Notices Received for Proposed Imports of Hazardous Wastes and Hazardous Recyclable Materials

Table 2 (January 1 - June 30, 2012)
Importer NameWaste Group
Bennett Environmental Inc.    US               
Chemrec Inc.    USUS USUS   US    US  
Clean Harbors Quebec Inc.  US US      US     USUS 
Custom Environmental Services Ltd.  USUSUSUSUS USUS  US USUSUSUSUS 
Cyanide Destruct Systems Inc.  USUS     US       USUS 
Ébénisterie Dilbois Inc.    NG               
EnGlobe Corporation    US               
Envirogreen Technologies Ltd.    US               
Extox Industries Inc.        US           
Fanchem Ltd.  US                 
Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc.    USUS  US   USUS US US  
Horizon Environnement Inc.    US               
KC Recycling Ltd.US                   
Kemira Water Solutions Canada Inc.  US                 
Lavergne Group Inc.               MY    
Mississauga Metals & Alloys Inc.           US        
Neo Performance Materials Ltd.    US      US      A 
Newalta Corporation / La Corporation NewaltaUS USUSUSUSUSUS US USUSUSUSUS USUS 
Safety-Kleen Canada Inc.    US               
Services Sanitaires de Recyclage Expert    US   US    US   USUS 
SMC (Canada) Ltd.    US               
Stablex Canada Inc.US USUSUS USUS US    US  USUS 
Teck Metals Ltd.    US               
Tonolli Canada Ltd.US                 US 
Toxco Waste Management Ltd.B     US    US        
Veolia Es Canada Services Industriels Inc.  US                 
Xstrata Canada Corporation – Brunswick Smelter (Zinc)US   US               
Xstrata Canada Corporation – Horne Smelter (Copper)    US               
Xstrata Canada Corporation – Sudbury Smelter (Nickel)    US               


Country of origin:

  • MY Malaysia
  • NG Nigeria
  • US United States
  • A United Kingdom and United States
  • B Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United States, Venezuela and Vietnam

The United Kingdom is a member of the OECD and is Party to the Basel Convention.

Israel, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and Vietnam are Parties to the Basel Convention.

The United States of America is a member of the OECD.

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Table 3: Notices Received for Proposed Transits of Hazardous Wastes and Hazardous Recyclable Materials

Table 3 (January 1 - June 30, 2012)
Company NameWaste Group
Absolute Services Inc.           US        
AkkuSer OyA                   
BASF SE    B      B        
Napaskiak K-12 Replacement School           US        
U.S. Army Corps of EngineersUS US USUS  US    US     US
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Umiat (BLM) Air Force Station                   US
U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, (ANC DO TSC)    USUS             US
U.S. Air Force – Bear Creek RRS    USUS     US       US
U.S. Air Force – North River RRS     US           US US
Whatcom County Disposal of Toxics ProgramUS US USUSUSUS      USUS US US


Country of origin and destination:

  • US United States
  • A Finland to United States
  • B Germany to United States

Finland and Germany are members of the OECD and are Parties to the Basel Convention.

The United States of America is a member of the OECD.

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