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Use these helpful tools to assist in the completion of funding applications and to learn more about non-profit organizations.

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Below are lists of calculators to support the identification of performance indicators in funding applications.

Performance Indicator Calculators
Environment and Climate Change Canada CalculatorsDescriptions
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) and Criteria AirContaminants (CAC) CalculatorTo calculate greenhouse gases and criteria air contaminants emission reductions for various activities performed at home, school and work.
Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Calculator for Waste ManagementTo assess the GHG emission reductions for Waste Management.


Other Government Calculators
Other Government CalculatorsDescriptions
Home Heating System Cost CalculatorTo compare the costs of current home heating system with the savings offered by newer equipment and other sources of energy.
Idling Impact CalculatorTo determine how much fuel, GHG emissions and money saved by cutting back on vehicle idling.
Energy Cost Calculator for newappliancesTo get a good idea of the bottom-line cost of operating specific models of new appliances.
RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis SoftwareTo evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risk for various types of Renewable-energy and Energy-efficient Technologies.
HOT 2XP CanmetENERGYTo analyze energy use in homes with only a small amount of critical information.
Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator
(English Only)
To help understand what reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions means in everyday terms, translating abstract measurements into concrete terms.

Species at risk

  • Recovery Strategies is a planning document that identifies what needs to be done to arrest or reverse the decline of a species.
  • Action Plans outline the projects or activities required to meet the goals and objectives outlined in the recovery strategy.

Fundraising course

  • How Fundraising Works is an online course that explain the six key reasons people give to organizations. The factors that contribute to fundraising success and how to choose the most effective ways of raising money for your non-profit organizations.

Fundraising tools

SMART objectives

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