Freshwater Monitoring Protocols

Image of freshwater algae | Photo: Environment Canada Image of freshwater ecosystem | Photo: EMAN Image of fish eggs | Photo: USFWS Image of freshwater ecosystem | Photo: Marcel Macullo Image of benthic macroinvertebrate | Photo: Environment Canada


Report CoverReport TitleReport Lead AuthorReport Audience
 Cover of CABIN Wadeable StreamsField ManualCanadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN): Wadeable Streams Field ManualEnvironment Canada, CABINScientific professionals
 Cover of CABIN Laboratory ManualCanadian Aquatic Biomonitoring (CABIN): Laboratory Methods: Processing, Taxonomy and Quality Control of Benthic Macroinvertebrate SamplesEnvironment Canada, CABINScientific professionals
 Cover of Freshwater Monitoring Protocol: Ice PhenologyFreshwater Monitoring Protocol: Ice PhenologyC. Jones, S.M. Somers, B. Craig, and T.B. ReynoldsonScientific professionals, community groups, individuals
 Cover of Freshwater Monitroing Protocol: Northern WatersFreshwater Monitoring Protocol: Northern Waters: A Guide to Designing and Conducting Water Quality Monitoring in Northern CanadaNorthern Ecological Monitoring and Assessment NetworkScientific professionals, community groups
 Cover of Freshwater Monitroing Protocol: Parasites of FishesFreshwater Monitoring Protocol: Parasites of FishesDavid J. MarcoglieseScientific professionals
 Cover of Freshwater Monitroing Protocol: PhytoplanktonFreshwater Monitoring Protocol: PhytoplanktonD.L. Findlay and H.J. KingScientific professionals
 Cover of Freshwater Monitroing Protocol: ZooplanktonFreshwater Monitoring Protocol: ZooplanktonMichael PatersonScientific professionals
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