Renewable Fuels Regulations

The Renewable Fuels Regulations, published on September 1, 2010 in the Canada Gazette, Part II, require fuel producers and importers to have an average renewable content of at least 5% based on the volume of gasoline that they produce or import commencing December 15, 2010. The Regulations include provisions that govern the creation of compliance units, allow trading of these units among participants and also require recordkeeping and reporting to ensure compliance.

The Regulations also require fuel producers and importers of diesel fuel and heating distillate oil to have an average annual renewable fuel content equal to at least 2% of the volume of diesel fuel and heating distillate oil that they produce and import commencing July 1, 2011. The Regulations Amending the Renewable Fuels Regulations (2013) introduced a national exclusion of heating distillate oil volumes for space heating purposes as of January 1, 2013.

The Renewable Fuels Regulations are a part of the Government’s approach to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by reducing emissions from the transportation sector. The Regulations were originally estimated to lead to cumulative GHG emissions reductions of approximately four megatonnes per year once fully implemented. The Regulations are meeting the expected GHG emission reductions. Seven megatonnes of GHG emission reductions are estimated to have accrued in the first compliance periods, equating to an annual average reduction of approximately 3.7 Mt per year.


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Compliance Unit Account Books

Under section 31 of the Renewable Fuels Regulations, primary suppliers and elective participants in the trading system are required to make a compliance unit account book of their monthly transactions of compliance units. The compliance unit account book, for a compliance period, must contain monthly records for:

  • each facility (blending and production) and province of import for each type of creation of compliance units;
  • each province of export for each cancellation of compliance units;
  • each person with who you traded or receive in hade compliance units; and
  • company-wide for each type of transaction of compliance units (carry forward, carry back, cancellations, "distillate-to-gasoline" assignment).

Environment Canada has developed templates for the Gasoline Compliance Unit Account Book and the Distillate Compliance Unit Account Book in Microsoft Excel format. Note that the form and formats of the compliance unit account books are not being specified by the Minister for the purposes of subsection 31(5) of the Regulations, and accordingly, their use is optional.  For a copy of the account books or for more information, please contact Environment Canada at:

List of Registrants under the Renewable Fuels Regulations

References - Volume Measurement

The Regulations include references to:

  • Standards and methods which are cited in the American Petroleum Institute's Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards. This manual is available from the American Petroleum Institute.
  • The Weights and Measures Act and the regulations made under that Act. The Act and it's regulations are available from the Department of Justice.

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