Environmental damages fund

Potential applicants, funding recipients, legal community, available funds, funded projects, and more.

Services and information

Potential applicants

How to apply, applicant eligibility, funds and deadlines, project requirements, tracking results, ineligible projects.

Funding recipients

Contribution Agreement, roles, responsibilities, mutual obligations, section overview, form completion instructions.

Legal community

How to direct funds, eligibility, relevant legislation, legal precedents, examples of funded projects.

Available funds

Eligibility, use restrictions, application deadline, contact, discuss feedback and requirements, submit.

Funded projects

Successfully completed projects in the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie and Northern, and Pacific and Yukon regions.

Legal precedents

Fines and court awards directed to the Environmental Damages Fund sorted by federal statute.

Regional offices

Contact information for the Atlantic and Québec regions, Ontario, West and North.

Frequently asked questions

Responsibilities, application standards, Funding process, restrictions, eligibility, alternate government departments.


Fines resulting from environmental damage collected to fund projects which benefit the natural environment.

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