Applicant's Guide and Form

What projects and activities may not be funded?

The following activities are not eligible for funding:

  • projects already under way; 
  • continuation of projects previously funded by EcoAction;
  • ongoing programs and activities;
  • activities required by law and/or mandated by all levels of government;
  • projects in relation to the enforcement of or compliance with by-laws in effect;
  • projects focused primarily on the purchase of capital assets;
  • activities focused primarily on research and monitoring activities;
  • activities focused primarily on planning;
  • projects designed only to beautify an area;
  • preparation of formal curriculum materials;
  • core organizational functions (e.g., meetings, maintenance and administration);
  • annual or regular organizational events/campaigns;
  • expenses to attend general conferences;
  • projects focused on recreational activities;
  • purchase or construction of infrastructure (e.g., land, buildings, roads and bridges);
  • purchase of a vehicle;
  • incentives and rebates (but can be used as matching);
  • project activities that fall under the mandate of other government funding programs, including other Environment Canada funding programs (however, may support activities that complement such programs);
  • lobbying, advocacy or fundraising activities (or that can be perceived as such);
  • decontamination of sites;
  • further disbursement of funds to a third party recipient (i.e. micro grants); and
  • projects outside of Canada.

Note: Projects related to Species at Risk and Invasive Alien Species are supported by Environment Canada's Habitat Stewardship Program and/or Invasive Alien Species Partnership Program.  For more information on these programs, visit

If you are unsure about the eligibility of your project and related costs, please contact your Environment Canada regional office.

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