Applicant's Guide and Form

How do you apply?

STEP 1 Prepare your application package

The application form can be downloadable at: To obtain a hardcopy, contact your Environment Canada regional office.

For details on what information is required to complete the Application Form read Annex A - How to Complete the Application Form, located at the end of this guide.

STEP 2  Submit your completed application

Applications will be accepted by your Environment Canada regional office on or before the November 1 application deadline.  Your application may be submitted by hand but must be signed for by an Environment Canada employee via a scheduled appointment; by fax; by email; or by mail postmarked on or before the application deadline.


  • Packages will not be accepted at any time by building security.
  • Hard-copy applications should be printed double-sided on 8½” x 11” paper, unbound and numbered. 
  • If the application deadline date falls on a weekend or holiday (when postal services may be unavailable), you will need to submit the Application Form earlier and/or ensure it is postmarked before the November 1 application deadline.
  • With the exception of letters confirming cash and in-kind support from other funding sources, which may follow at a later date, all other information and supporting documentation must be included with the Application Form.  No additional information received after the November 1 application deadline will be taken into consideration.

If you have not received an acknowledgement letter within 15 working days of the November 1 application deadline, please contact your Environment Canada regional office to confirm the receipt of your application package.

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