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Water Fact Sheets

There are presently nine fact sheets in the Freshwater Series.


  1. Water – Nature's Magician - States and properties of water, hydrologic cycle.
  2. Water – Here, There and Everywhere - World's water supply and the forms in which it is found, Canada's major drainage areas.
  3. Clean Water – Life Depends on It! - Water quality, including pollution, acid rain and what we can do to improve water quality.
  4. Water Works! - Water use, conservation, pricing.
  5. Groundwater – Nature's Hidden Treasure - Where it's found, how it's found, problems and issues associated with it.
  6. Water Conservation – Every Drop Counts! - Role of water conservation in addressing problems related to water use and water quality.
  7. Water, Art and the Canadian Identity – At the Water's Edge - Water's role in shaping the Canadian identity. Discusses history, literature, art and music; printed copy in full colour.
  8. Water – The Transporter - Discusses water's ability to transport large amounts of soil in the form of sediment.
  9. Water – Vulnerable to Climate Change - Considers the effect on water of climate change.

Note: A resource guide, entitled Let's Not Take Water For Granted, is available to help classroom teachers of grades 5-7 use the information from the Water Fact Sheets and A Primer on Fresh Water: Questions and Answers.

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