David Grimes, Assistant Deputy Minister, Meteorological Service of Canada

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Travel Expenses - December 2, 2008 - March 1, 2009
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
* Total includes all applicable taxes
2009-02-22 to 2009-02-27 To meet with MSC Management and Regional Staff in Vancouver and to visit the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Whistler where the MSC Forecasting team will work from. $4,666.89
2009-02-19 to 2009-02-20 To attend MMC (MSC Management Committee) meeting on the Governance with Regional Directors, MSC Directors and other colleages in Downsview. $949.29
2009-02-09 to 2009-02-15 Due to serious family illness, authorization was given to work from Niagara, Burlington and Ottawa during the week of February 9th, but returned to Ottawa for special meetings on 11th and 12th. $1,231.80
2009-01-08 to 2009-01-13 To attend the American Meteorological Society(AMS)2009 Annual meeting and to give a presentation for the NOAA/National Weather Service in Phoenix, Arizona. $3,137.85
2008-12-20 to 2008-12-22 To meet with Stakeholders and staff: (1) with Paul Kovacs (Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction). (2) with Paul Temple (Weather Network (Pelmorex) in Oakville. (3) with the Meteorological Service Canada Downsview staff. $981.82
2008-12-10 to 2008-12-12 To attend as a Plenary Speaker at the Arctic Change 2008 Conference, in Quebec City. $1,788.14
2008-12-07 to 2008-12-09 To speak at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 2008 Satellite Direct Readout Conference in Miami. $2,925.87
2008-12-03 to 2008-12-04 To hold the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) Management Team Retreat at the Auberge Montebello. $312.67
*TOTAL $15,994.33

Hospitality Expenses - December 2, 2008 - March 1, 2009
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
** Total includes all applicable taxes
2009-02-26 to 2009-02-26 Breakfast - Meteorological Service Of Canada Management Committee ( MMC ) Special meeting on Governance $148.47
2009-02-25 to 2009-02-25 Two Refreshments - Assistant Deputy Minister's ( ADM ) Townhall meeting with the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) staff in Pacific and Yukon Region (PYR). $490.85
2009-02-20 to 2009-02-20 Refreshments for MSC (Meteorological Service of Canada) Special Meeting on Governance. $148.47
2009-01-12 to 2009-01-12 Breakfast - Meeting with MSC (Meteorological Service Canada) colleagues, NOAA(National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) and UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) people while attending the AMS (American Meterological society)2009 Annual meeting. $78.73
2008-12-23 to 2008-12-23 Lunch meeting with Andy Campbell to discuss NAV Canada file. $48.94
2008-12-08 to 2008-12-08 Purchase of beverages to be supplied for upcoming meetings to be hosted in the Assistant Deputy Minister's Office (ADMO). $18.98
2008-12-03 to 2008-12-04 Refreshments for meeting with Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC)management Team Retreat. $64.08
**TOTAL $998.52