Formative Evaluation of the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan

Final Evaluation Report

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Table of Contents

Report Clearance Steps

Planning phase completed - April 2008
Report sent for management response - December 2008
Management response received - February 2009
Report completed - February 2009
Report approved by Departmental Evaluation Committee (DEC) - February 2009

List of abbreviations

CSMWG - Contaminated Sites Management Working Group
CSP - Contaminated Sites Program (with respect to INAC NAO)
DFO - Fisheries and Oceans Canada
DG - Director General
DM - Deputy Minister
DND - National Defence
EC - Environment Canada
FCSAP - Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan
FCSI - Federal Contaminated Sites Inventory
HC - Health Canada
IDEA - Interdepartmental Data Exchange Application
INAC NAO - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Northern Affairs Organization
IRWG - Interdepartmental Regional Working Group
NCS - National Classification System
PWGSC - Public Works and Government Services Canada
PQRA - Preliminary Quantitative Risk Assessment 
RMAF - Results-based Management and Accountability Framework
TBS - Treasury Board Secretariat
TC - Transport Canada

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