Bob Hamilton, Deputy Minister

Photo of Bob HamiltonBob Hamilton was appointed Deputy Minister of the Environment on August 1, 2012.

Bob joined the Tax Policy Branch at the Department of Finance in 1985.  He was a member of the team that developed and implemented the Goods and Services Tax (GST).  Following the introduction of the GST in January 1991, he was appointed Assistant Director of the Business Income Tax Division and Director in 1992.

Bob was appointed General Director of the Financial Sector Policy Branch in 1995 and the Assistant Deputy Minister of that Branch in 1996.  In that role, he was responsible for:  policies, legislation and regulations governing the financial sector; the management of the federal government’s debt and international reserves; and, fostering efficient capital markets in Canada.  During that time he oversaw the development of policies and legislation to establish the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and to enhance Canada’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regime.

In 2003, Bob was appointed as the Assistant Deputy Minister of Tax Policy and later became the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister.  He was responsible for development, analysis and implementation of federal tax policies.  Key policy initiatives included the introduction of tax free savings accounts, the working income tax benefit, changes to the tax treatment of business income trusts and tax reductions to improve Canada’s tax competitiveness.

Bob was appointed Associate Secretary of the Treasury Board in August 2008, where he helped advance the public service management agenda and the government’s agenda to make government more efficient through initiatives such as the Web of Rules Action Plan and Strategic Reviews of departments.

In January 2009, Bob was appointed Associate Deputy Minister of Environment Canada where he worked on Canada’s environment policies, including aligning Canadian and US greenhouse gas regulations for the automobile industry.

Bob Hamilton was appointed Senior Associate Secretary of the Treasury Board in March 2011 and named by the Prime Minister as the lead Canadian on the Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC).  The RCC was established by the Prime Minister and President Obama in February 2011 to find ways to better align regulatory systems in the two countries.

Bob received his Honours BA and Master’s degrees in Economics from the University of Western Ontario.