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  • Randle Reef Contaminated Sediment Remediation Project

    Hamilton, Ont. - December 18, 2012 - With an investment of $46.3 million, the Government of Canada is taking action to clean up one of the largest and most contaminated sites within the Canadian side of the Great Lakes—Randle Reef in Hamilton Harbour.


  • The Great Lakes Nutrient Initiative

    The Government of Canada is committed to protecting and restoring Canada’s water resources for the benefit of all Canadians. The $16 million Great Lakes Nutrient Initiative will help to address the complex problems of recurrent toxic and nuisance algae, and nearshore water quality and ecosystem health in the Great Lakes.


  • Great Lakes Success Stories

    The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement has a 40-year legacy of success. Since its original signing in 1972, progress has been made on a variety of fronts within the ecosystem.

  • The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

    The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement addresses critical environmental health issues in the Great Lakes region and is a model of binational cooperation to protect water quality.


  • Harper Government moves to protect Canada’s water quality

    The need for standards: In Canada, the management of wastewater is a shared jurisdiction. There are different levels of treatment varying from very good in some areas to poor or no treatment in others, mainly on the coasts. Interested parties advocated for all levels of government to develop a standard regulatory approach to manage the sector.


  • Peninsula Harbour Area of Concern Sediment Capping Project

    Pollution has left Jellicoe Cove in the Peninsula Harbour Area of Concern with sediment contaminated with elevated levels of mercury and PCBs. To create clean habitat for plants and animals and to accelerate natural recovery, Environment Canada and Ontario Ministry of the Environment are funding the project to cap this contaminated sediment with clean sand.


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