World Class Regulator

As one of the federal government’s most active regulators, Environment Canada (EC) has wide-ranging regulatory powers. EC must manage its regulatory agenda within a complex and rapidly evolving context. To meet these challenges, EC has embarked on a continual improvement initiative to strengthen the processes by which the Department selects, develops and implements regulatory instruments, with the objective of operating as a World Class Regulator.

Between 2011 - 2012, Environment Canada conducted an internal assessment of its regulatory activities against five World Class Regulator criteria: evidence-based decision-making, effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, and adaptability. The report below provides the findings of this assessment as well as an action plan to address identified gaps:

Becoming a World Class Regulator: Final Report of the World Class Regulator Working Group

In order to validate the scope and objectives of its regulatory self assessment, Environment Canada obtained an external evaluation from an internationally-recognized expert in regulatory policy. Below are the findings of this evaluation and Environment Canada’s response to its primary recommendations: 

Environment Canada's World Class Regulator Project: An Assessment

Environment Canada’s Response to: “Environment Canada’s World Class Regulator Project: An Assessment”

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