Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis Staff

Arora, Vivek
Research Scientist

  • Carbon-climate interactions in Earth system models (ESMs)
  • Parameterization of terrestrial biogeochemical processes in ESMs
  • Role of vegetation in influencing climate

Berkley, Mike
Local System Administrator

  • Linux computing support

Boer, George
Senior Research Scientist

  • Atmospheric and coupled climate modelling
  • Climate diagnostics

Bush, Elizabeth
Physical Sciences Specialist

  • Participate in international and national assessments of climate change
  • Support communication of climate change science advice to decision-makers
  • Preparation of science communication products for the general pblic on the science of climate change

Cole, Jason
Research Scientist

  • Modelling of clouds, radiative transfer and their interaction at a range of scales
  • Evaluation of models using a range of observations

Diaconescu, Emilia Paula
NSERC Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Regional climate model validation and added value
  • Climate indicies and extremes
  • Climate processes and climate change

Flato, Greg
Research Scientist

  • Sea-ice and Climate modelling

Fyfe, John
Senior Research Scientist

  • Climate variability and change

Gachon, Philippe
Research Scientist

  • Regional climate modelling
  • Statistical downscaling
  • Extremes and trend analysis
  • Effect of large/mesoscale atmospheric dynamics on regional climate

Gagné, Marie-Ève
NSERC Visiting Fellow

  • Climate variability and change in the Arctic
  • Sea ice variability and changes
  • Role of aerosols on climate forcing

Gillett, Nathan
Research Scientist, Manager

  • Climate change attribution
  • Atmospheric circulation changes
  • The influence of ozone depletion on climate

Jiao, Yanjun
Physical Scientist

  • Physical parameterizations
  • Regional climate modelling

Kharin, Slava
Research Scientist

  • Climate variability and predictability
  • Climate extremes and their future changes

Lazare, Mike
Senior Climate Research Meteorologist

  • Development, optimization, implementation and maintenance of CCCma atmospheric models

Lee, Warren
Ocean Modelling Analyst

  • Ocean and Earth Systems model development and support
  • Earth System model application support

Li, Jiangnan
Research Scientist

  • Radiative transfer parameterization

Majaess, Fouad
Senior Systems Analyst

  • Model, diagnostics and data libraries

Merryfield, William
Research Scientist

  • Seasonal to decadal climate prediction
  • Climate variability and change
  • Ocean modelling

Namazi, Maryam
NSERC Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Parameterization of physical processes in atmopspheric models
  • Role of aerosol on climate forcing
  • Computional fluid dynamics

Plummer David
Research Associate

  • Interactions between climate change and the chemical composition of the atmosph
  • The future evolution of the stratospheric ozone layerere
  • The effects of climate change and emissions on air quality

Qian, Minwei
Physical Scientist

  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Regional climate modelling

Rong, Robin B.
Physical Scientist

  • Canadian Climate Data and Scenarios
  • Climate data and climate change analysis
  • GCM data downscaling

Saenko, Oleg
Research Scientist

  • Ocean circulation and climate

Scinocca, John
Research Scientist

  • Dynamics, Physical parameterizations.

Sigmond, Michael
Research Scientist

  • Seasonal climate predictions
  • Atmospheric large-scale circulation changes and implications for regional climate
  • Impact of the ozone hole on the Southern Ocean and Antarctic sea-ice
  • Stratospheric climate change

Solheim, Larry
Climate Modelling Scientist

  • Coupled modelling support

Sospedra-Alfonso, Reinel
NSERC Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Climate modelling and data analysis
  • Climate variability and predictability
  • Cryosphere and climate interaction

Swart, Neil
Research Scientist

  • Developing and using biogeochemical models to understand the interaction of the ocean carbon cycle and climate change.
  • Using observations and models to understand natural climate variability and human induced changes in Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice, and global temperatures.
  • Quantifying observed and simulated changes in atmospheric winds, the eddy-modulated ocean circulation, and the resulting impacts on the carbon cycle and climate.
  • Open source software tools for climate model analysis, development, and version control.

Tam, Benita
Climate Scenarios Analyst

  • Climate data and scenarios
  • Climate change impacts and analysis

Von Salzen, Knut
Research Scientist

  • Physical parameterizations

Yang, Duo

Climate Modelling Scientist

  • Ocean and coupled modelling
  • Climate variability and change
  • Earth system model application support

Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis Associates

Christian, Jim
Research Scientist, Department of Fisheries and Oceans

  • Ocean biogeochemical cycles

Denman, Ken
Research Scientist, UVic

  • Ocean biogeochemical cycles

Lee, Woo-Sung
Research Associate, UVic

  • Climate Modeling and Data Analysis
  • Long-Range Forecast

McCusker, Kelly E.
Postdoctoral Fellow, UVic

  • Climate variability and change
  • Climate modelling
  • Sea-ice and climate interactions

McFarlane, Norm
Research Scientist

  • Physical parameterizations
  • Middle atmosphere modelling

Mahmood, Rashed
Postdoctoral Fellow, UVic

  • Aerosols and climate modelling
  • Black carbon processes in the Arctic
  • Aerosols and Asian monsoons

Melton, Joe R.
Research Scientist, Climate Processes Section, Environment Canada

  • Prognostic simulation of methane in earth system models
  • Parameterizations in terrestrial vegetation models
  • Integration of permafrostcarbon dynamics

Petersen, Tiffany

Reader, Cathy
Research Associate, Uvic

  • Aerosols and Climate
  • GCM Modelling of Mineral Dust

Riche, Olivier GJ
Postdoctoral Fellow, UVic

  • Estuarine circulation and biogeochemical cycles
  • Ocean ecosystem modelling
  • Dinitrogen fixation in earth system models

Shrestha, Rudra
Postdoctoral Fellow, UVic

  • Competition between Vegetation types

Steiner, Nadja
Research Scientist, Department of Fisheries and Oceans

  • Ocean biogeochemical cycles
  • Sea-ice/ocean modelling
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