Picture of Dr. Vivek Arora

Dr. Vivek Arora

Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis

Research Scientist
Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis
SCI A233
Telephone: 250-363-8246
Fax: 250-363-8247


  • 1990 B.E. (Civil), Jamia University, New Delhi, India
  • 1993 M.Sc (Hydrology), University College Galway, Ireland
  • 1997 Ph.D (Environmental Engineering), University of Melbourne, Australia

Research Interests

  • Earth's energy and water balance
  • Interaction between the land and the atmosphere at large spatial scales
  • Hydrological processes in general circulation models (including river flow routing)
  • Impact of climate change and variability on hydrology and water resources
  • Carbon budget and modelling of the terrestrial biosphere
  • Canadian Terrestrial Ecosystem Model (CTEM)


Climate Carbon Interactions

Vegetation Dynamics & Terrestrial Ecosystem Modelling

Simulating energy and carbon dioxide fluxes

River Flow Routing

Subgrid Scale Variability of Hydrological Variables

Global and Continental Scale Water Balance

Climate Change/Variability Impact on Hydrology

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  • Arora, V.K. (2002) The use of aridity index to assess climate change effect on annual runoff, J. Hydrol., 265(1-4), 164-177.
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  • Arora, V.K. (2001) The potential impact of climate change on Mackenzie River basin hydrology, CWRA BC Branch Conference, Changing Water Environments: Research and Practice, Whistler, Canada, May 2001..
  • Arora, V.K., and Boer, G.J. (2001) Effects of simulated climate change on the hydrology of major river basins, J. Geophy. Res., 106 (D4), 3335-3348.
  • Arora, V.K., and Boer, G.J. (2000) The effects of simulated climate change on the hydrology of major river basins, CAS/JSC WGNE Research Activities in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling, Report No. 30, February 2000, WMO/TD No. 987, pp. 7.1-7.2.
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